Estonian Youth Open Championship
Jan 03.-06.
 Colloquium Paul Keres - 90 (seminar)
Jan 05.-08.
 ESS KALEV Remembering Paul Keres
Jan 06.-08.
 Paul Keres - 90 Memorial Festival
Jan 08.-13.
PAUL KERES, 1916 - 1975
Paul Keres was born in Narva on 7 January 1916. At the University of Tartu, he studied mathematics from 1938 to 1941. In 1935, he became Estonian chess champion for the first time. Paul Keres first appeared in the international chess arena in the mid-1930s, and remained a prominent figure there for years. By the end of 1950s, he was one of the strongest chess players in the world. In 1975, the great Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres died suddenly at the age of 59.
Paul Keres homepage (author Aivar Pullerits, only in Estonian language)
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Estonian time 07 : 24,   18.07. - 2024  

13.01. - 15:43   Paul Keres Memorial Festival
Mihhail Rytshagov is the winner of group A, Janis Klovans won group B and Tatiana Grabuzova won group C.
09.01. - 13:58   Paul Keres Memorial Festival
Added most of the games in PGN-notation (look at Games and LIVE).
07.01. - 22:04   General information
In Museum of Paul Keres of Paul Keres Chess House was dedicated Paul Keres wax figure. Its life size statue.
07.01. - 21:57   General information
Grandmaster Alexander Khalifman gave simultan on 22 boards. Final result 5 draws and 17 wins for Khalifman.
07.01. - 17:03   ESS Kalev Rapid Memorial
Preliminaries are finished now and finals have began. All games in LIVE.
06.01. - 16:55   Estonian Youth Open CC
Nikolai Kunitsõn won the boys title with 8 points from 9. Second was Uku Valner with 7 points and third Kaarel Nestor with 6.5 points.
06.01. - 16:50   Estonian Youth Open CC
Tuuli Vahtra won the girls title with 8 points from 9. Second was Triin Narva with 6.5 points and third Kristina Puidokaite from Lithuania with 6 points.
06.01. - 16:42   General information
Konstantin Selifanov is the winner of U10 Winter Tournament with 7 points out of 7. Second was Valentin Dragun with 6 points and third Gustav Saagpakk with 5.5 points.
05.01. - 18:14   Estonian Youth Open CC
Added pictures.
05.01. - 14:17   General information
39 young players (U10) started their rapid tournament, there will be 7 rounds. Results can find on Open Youth CC page.


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