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ESS KALEV Rapid Tournament
Paul Keres Memorial

Tallinn, 06. - 08.01. 2006

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ESS KALEV The International Chess Tournament "Paul Keres Memorial", has a tradition that goes back to 1991. The tournament had his source in the wish to mark particulary the 75th anniversary of Paul Keres, honorary member of Estonian Sports Association Kalev. Beginning from the 4th tournament , the next tournaments are played rapid and with preliminarys and finals. Since the 9th tournament the women final play were also organized. The tournament takes place in the time close to the birthday / 7th January / of Paul Keres. This years tornament is dedicated to the 90th birth year of Paul Keres.

Named tournament is turned very popular and is one of the top events in Estonian chess life. We have had many world champions and remarkable chess players in our tournament. Such as N. Capridashvilie ,M. Chiburdanidze, B. Spasski, V. Smõslov, X. Jun, J. Polgar, J. Timman, A. Khalifman, V. Ivantshuk, A. Shirov, P. Svidler ,T. Rajabov, S. Matveeva, A. Morozevitsh, B. Gelfand, A. Karpov a.s.o.

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