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  • The Weekly Show: Highlights from the Skilling Open

    Chess News Nov 24, 2020 | 20:45 P

    In his "Weekly Show" IM Lawrence Trent presents highlights from the Skilling Open and takes a close look how Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won against Le Quang Liem in round 7. | Lawrence's show is available at 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET, 14:00 ET) on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here. | Photo: Ray Morris-Hill

  • Skilling Open: Live!

    Chess News Nov 24, 2020 | 19:45 P

    The Skilling Open is the first stop of the 2020-21 Champions Chess Tour. With 16 participants, the event will be played on November 22-30. A single round robin tournament to be played from Sunday to Tuesday will decide who moves on to the knockout stage.The top eight will advance to a 6-day knockout. The action each day begins at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET, 12:00 ET). Read the full report on Day 2 | Pictured: Le Quang Liem | Photo: David Llada

  • Let's talk about chess ... with Allan Scott

    Chess News Nov 24, 2020 | 19:37 P

    In the latest episode of his "Let's talk about chess" podcast Eric Reem talked with Allan Scott, one of the creators of the Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit". Allan Scott is co-producer of the show and wrote the script together with Scott Frank. In the podcast he talks about the series and gives a lot of interesting insights. | Photo: Netflix

  • Giri still leads the Skilling Open Preliminary section after Day 2 - Day 2

    The Week in Chess Nov 23, 2020 | 22:28 P

    Anish Giri hung on to his lead of the Skilling Open Preliminary sectionafter a second day of three days play. The Skilling Open is the firstevent in the Champions Chess Tour which will take place online for muchof the next year.Giri drew all of his games includingagainst Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So and finished the day with a score of 6.5/10.Carlsen also had a solid day for the most part winning against Jan-Krzysztof Duda anddrawing three before suffering his second loss of the event - this time withblack against Sergey Karjakin. Carlsen has a scored of 6/10 and shares secondplace with So and Ding Liren.The event is very closely contestedwith 1 point separating the top 7 and more importantly 14th place isstill within a point of a qualification spot. The top 8 of 16 gothrough to the final knockout stages and also qualify to play in thenext event of the tour.The third and final day of this qualification section starts at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 24th Nov.Round 10 Standings:1st Giri 6.5pts2nd-4th Ding, Carlsen, So 6pts5th-7th Nakamura, MVL, Nepomniachtchi 5.5pts8th-10th Radjabov, Anton, Firouzja 5pts11th-13th Le, Aronian, Karjakin 4.5pts14th Svidler 4pts15th Vidit, 3.5pts16th Duda 3pts.

  • Anish Giri leads the Skilling Open after day 1 - Day 1

    The Week in Chess Nov 22, 2020 | 22:58 P

    Anish Giri took the sole lead of the Skilling OpenPreliminary Group after the first day of play.This is the first event of the Champions Chess Tourwhich is an online league hosted by Chess24 that builds on the MagnusCarlsen Tour earlier in the year and will take about another yearto complete. The preliminary group is a 15 round all-play-allheld over 3 days and the top 8 of 16 will advance to the knockoutphase which will be contested using a mini-match format oftwo sets followed by a tie-break if necessary. Each round of thesematches will take place over two days, not the three days used in earlier online tournaments.The leader Giri drew against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Hikaru Nakamura in rounds 1 and3 and beat Sergey Karjakin, Le Quang Liem andSantosh Gujrathi Vidit in the final game of theday to finish. Giri plays World Champion Magnus Carlsen tomorrow.Carlsen and David Anton are half a pointbehind Giri. Carlsen had a shocking loss in roundone when on the verge of beating Ian Nepomniachtchihe had a mouse slip and dropped his Queen, a drawagainst MVL in round 2 was followed by wins againstRadjabov, Anton and Alireza Firouzja. Anton apartfrom his loss to Carlsen drew with Wesley[…]

  • Skilling Open line-up

    Chessdom Nov 22, 2020 | 16:51 P

    The Champions Chess Tour, launched by the Play Magnus Group, replaces the hugely-popular Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour put on earlier this year.

  • Ukrainian Open Chess Championship 2020

    Chessdom Nov 21, 2020 | 20:12 P

    Ukrainian Open Chess Championship 2020 consisting of Classical, Rapid and Blitz events, currently is ongoing in Omelnyk, Ukraine, with participation of 38 players among the Ukrainian top. The event takes place from 17th-19th November and after three played rounds, seven players tie fro the top, scoring 2.5 points each. The first on the ranking list [...]

  • Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities

    Chessdom Nov 21, 2020 | 18:57 P

    Opening ceremony of the 1st FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities took place yesterday. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich emphasised that he is happy to open such an event for People with Disabilities and greeted all the participants with a special message: “Chess is winning against obstacles and challenges. You already won against your challenges, [...]

  • Skilling Open 2020 - Games and Results

    The Week in Chess Nov 21, 2020 | 13:32 P

    The Skilling Open takes place on Chess24 Sun 22nd Nov to Mon 30th Nov 2020 with play starting at 17:00 each day.This is the first event of the new Champions Chess Tour that takes place over the next year. The event is a 16 player rapid tournament in two phases. An all-play-all which will reduce the field to 8 players followed by series of knockout matches. Players: Magnus Carlsen, Ding Liren, Wesley So, Vidit Gujrathi, Peter Svidler,Teimour Radjabov, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Hikaru Nakamura, Le Quang LiemSergey Karjakin, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Levon Aronian,Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave,David Anton Guijarro and Alireza Firouzja.


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