Estonia - Finland 100 board match, Tallinn 13.01.


As match was hold in Tallinn, as expected Finland put out less boards than 100. Final count of boards were 89 and the final score 60.5 - 28.5, win to Estonia. For compensation Finland won the first board game, GM Tomi Nyback won GM Meelis Kanep (both players are their homeland's champions). First 40 boards Estonia won very closely 20.5 - 19.5, but crashed the opponent team in last boards.

This was the 5th attempt to play on 100 boards between Estonia and Finland. Score is 4-1 to Estonia. First match In 2001 was held on 72 boards on board of the ship called Nordlandia. Estonia won 64-8. Next match in 2002 was held on board of ship also. This time match was held on 100 boards and Estonia won 66-34. The third match was held in Tallinn on 95 boards and Estonia won again with score 64.5-30.5. Finland gor their chance in 2005, when match was held in Helsingi on 100 boards and Estonia lost 45.5-54.5.

Before the year 2001 these two countries have played 17 smaller matches usually on 20 boards, first was held in 1938. During this older period Finland has got only one draw and lost all other ones.

But Estonia has played 100 board matches also with Latvia. Last one was held in 2005 in Paikuse (Estonia) which Estonia won 59-41.